Director of the Maritime Office in Szczecin

Director of the Maritime Office
Deputy Director for Maritime Inspection
Deputy Director for Technical Affairs
Deputy Director for Aids for Navigation
FK Finance and Accounting Division IBŻ Navigational Safety Inspectorate OW Shoreline Protection Inspectorate ON Aids to Navigation Division
PO Legal and Organizational Division PSC Port State Control Inspectorate GPG Spatial Management and Geodesy Division PM Maritime Measurement Division
SP Human Resources Division Marine Environment Protection Inspectorate TI Technical and Investment Division E Energy Division
BSOŻ Bureau for Shipping Defense Affairs DM Seafarers’ Documentation Division DBM Maritime Waterways and Structures Division EiŁ The Electronics and Communications Division
BDU Director’s Bureau KPn Szczecin Harbor Master’s Office ZT Supply and Transport Division BONn Aids to Navigation Base Szczecin
ISO Unit for Quality Management System KPe Świnoujście Harbor Master’s Office GA Economic and Administrative Division BONe Aids to Navigation Base Świnoujście
IN Unit for Protection of Classified Information KPd Dziwnów Harbor Master’s Office WiT IT Division
BHP Unit for Occupational Safety and Health KPt Trzebież Harbor Master’s Office
KAW Unit for Control and Internal Audit KPk Kołobrzeg Harbor Master’s Office
KZ Position for Managerial Control KPdr Darłowo Harbor Master’s Office
P.POŻ Unit for Fire Protection
IRM Maritime Traffic Safety Inspectorate
CMKE Secretariat of Central Maritime Examination Commission