The Director of the Maritime Office in Szczecin is a local authority of the Polish maritime administration subordinate to the minister competent for maritime economy.

The territorial scope of operation of the Maritime Office in Szczecin includes internal sea waters, territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and the technical zone of the coast, sea ports and havens, situated from the western border of the country to the meridian of 16˚ 41’ 56,70" of the eastern longitude and West Pomeranian Voivodeship border.

The scope of the director's activities covers the following matters, in particular:

  1. maritime safety;
  2. protection of seaports and sea  shipping, including matters related to the performance of defense tasks and non-military tasks, in particular prevention of acts of terror and liquidation of the effects of those incidents;
  3. use of sea routes and ports and havens;
  4. safety related to research, recognition and exploitation of mineral resources of the seabed;
  5. protection of the marine environment from pollution caused by  use of the sea and dumping of waste and other substances within the scope not covered by the provisions of geological and mining law;
  6. supervision over  rescue of lives operations;
  7. conducting of underwater works and extracting of property from the sea;
  8. fire-fighting supervision in Polish maritime areas and sea ports and havens;
  9. reconciliation of  the issuance of water permits and building permits in the area of technical zone, sea ports and havens, internal marine waters and the territorial sea, as well as any other decisions regarding the development of this zone;
  10. construction, maintenance and protection of coastal revetment, dunes and afforestation in the technical zone;
  11. delimitation of the marine waterways, anchorages and examination of their navigability conditions;
  12. marking of Polish maritime areas with aids to navigation and radio-aids to navigation;
  13. imposing of fines in the course of offenses’ procedure under provisions provided for in the Act of 24 August 2001 - Code of conduction in offense cases (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 729 - consolidated text);
  14. issuance and reconciliation of decisions resulting from the provisions of the Act of 12 September 2002 on port reception facilities for collecting waste and cargo residues from ships (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1344 - consolidated text);
  15. drawing up drafts of spatial development plans for internal marine waters, territorial sea and exclusive economic zone;
  16. conduction of control and supervision of compliance with the essential or other requirements of marine equipment and recreational vessels placed on the market or put into service;
  17. assigning names to sea vessels;
  18. organization and supervision over maritime pilotage in the area of sea ports, internal marine waters and the territorial sea to the extent necessary to ensure maritime safety;
  19. construction and maintenance of infrastructure facilities and structures providing access to sea  ports and havens;
  20. management of ports that are not essential for the national economy and havens where no managing entity has been established under the provisions of the Act of 20 December 1996 on ports and havens (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 998 - consolidated text );
  21. monitoring and providing information on vessel traffic;
  22. conducting of ship inspections to the extent resulting from international obligations;
  23. keeping records of ship cargo and passengers;
  24. management over  territorial sea and internal marine waters and over  land covered with these waters, referred to in the provisions of the Act of 20 July 2017 - Water Law (Journal of Laws of 2020,item 310);
  25. control of marine fuel supplied to ships and marine fuel used on ships;
  26. issuance of permits for the construction and use of artificial islands, structures and installations within internal marine waters, and establishment of security zones around them for the areas included in the maritime spatial plan;
  27. issuance of permits for laying and maintaining submarine cables and pipelines within internal marine waters and in the territorial sea;
  28. protection and custody over monuments located in Polish marine areas;
  29. issuance of permits for searching wrecks and their remnants;
  30. conduction of hydrographic surveys in Polish marine areas for the purposes of safety of navigation, protection of marine environment and monitoring of marine coasts;
  31. cooperation with authorities dealing with cases of marine accidents;
  32. international cooperation including tasks resulting from membership of the Republic of Poland in international institutions related to maritime administration, safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment;
  33. other matters resulting from separate provisions;